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Do You Know the Main Parameters of Injection Molding Process of Automobile Air-inlet Grille?

Date: Jan 08 2021 | By:LC Rapid
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Ⅰ. Injection molding process requirements of automobile air intake grille

The main styles of automobile air intake grille can be horizontal and vertical, grid, honeycomb, etc. The main function is to protect the water tank, protect the parts in the engine compartment from impact by foreign objects, and prevent relatively large stones from entering the engine compartment to cause damage. Another main function is to decorate and form its own brand style, and then it is used for ventilation to ensure that enough air can enter the engine compartment.

Land Rover's air intake grille has a maximum external dimension of 162.08 mm x 142.98 mm x 31.88 mm, the average plastic part thickness is 2.0 mm, the plastic part material is PP, the shrinkage rate is 1.008, and the plastic part mass is 72.6 grams. Its injection molding process requires that there must be no defects such as peaks, injection dissatisfaction, flow lines, pores, warpage deformation, silver streaks, cold materials, jet lines, bubbles.


Ⅱ. The main parameters of the injection molding process of the automobile air intake grille

1. Barrel temperature:

The temperature of the melt is very important, and the temperature of the injection cylinder used is only a guideline. The temperature of the melt can be measured at the nozzle or using the air jet method. The temperature setting of the injection cylinder depends on the melt temperature, screw speed, back pressure, injection volume and injection molding cycle.

2. Melting temperature:

The melt temperature plays a major role in the flow properties of the melt. Since plastics have no specific melting point, the so-called melting point is a temperature range in the molten state. The structure and composition of the plastic molecular chain are different, so the influence on its fluidity is different. Rigid molecular chains are obviously affected by temperature, such as PC, and PPS, while flexible molecular chains such as: PA, PP, PE, the fluidity is not obvious by changing the temperature, so the reasonable temperature of injection molding automotive parts should be adjusted according to different materials.

3. Mold temperature:

Some plastic materials require higher mold temperature due to high crystallization temperature and slow crystallization speed. Some plastic materials require higher temperature or lower temperature due to the need to control size and deformation or demolding. For example, PC generally requires 60 degrees or more. In order to achieve better appearance and improve fluidity of PPS, the mold temperature sometimes needs to be above 160 degrees. Therefore, the mold temperature has an inestimable effect on improving the appearance, deformation, size, and rubber mold of the product.

4. Injection pressure:

Melt overcomes the resistance required for advancement, which directly affects the size, weight and deformation of the product. Different plastic products require different injection pressures. For materials such as PA and PP, increasing pressure will significantly improve their fluidity. Injection pressure determines the density of the product, that is, the gloss of the appearance. It has no fixed value, and the more difficult it is to fill the mold, the more pressure of the injection molded part.

Ⅲ. Advantages of automobile air intake grille processed by injection molding process:

1. Lightweight: it can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle and improve fuel economy;

2. Easy to shape: convenient to design and produce beautiful parts;

3. Reduce costs: plastic parts have high toughness that they can be restored to their original appearance after being bumped, and are resistant to corrosion and resistance. 

4. It is safer, and can better buffer and protect pedestrians in the event of a collision;

After understanding the main parameters and advantages of the automobile air intake grille injection molding process, we need to strictly control the production process to make the quality of each product meet the market requirements. At the same time, we also welcome customers to contact with LC Rapid, and we will provide you with the best quality injection molding services.

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