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Four Simple Injection Molding Methods

Date: Apr 01 2020 | By:LC Rapid
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Some factors of a part, whether material, rough, cycle time, or more, greatly affect their price. there are four tips for lowering part prices without sacrificing the components you need for success.


By knowing what the best injection molding materials for parts is, you can improve economic efficiency. The first factor in deciding which material to use is where your parts will live. Will it be outdoors, indoors, next to the oven? The durability, temperature and stability need of the parts will help meet the material what you real need. Professional Tip: A quick way to determine materials is to look at the materials of existing products running in a similar environment - no need to reinvent the wheels.

The price of the material per pound/KG will vary greatly depending on the characteristics and advantages. For example, HDPE (high density polyethylene) costs about $1.50 per pound, while materials like polysulfone cost $12-15 per pound. When you can use cheaper materials without sacrificing parts needs, you can save money by choosing the most cost-effective option.


2. Cycle time

The faster the cycle time, the less overhead each part will be. The cycle time is the time it takes for the part to form during molding. The cycle time depends on the mold build, the water circuit, and its ability to cool the plastic to solid state.

The cooling time of the part will depend to a large extent on the material you choose. As an example, HDPE cools very fast, while a material like Polysulfone needs to heat its mold and then cool it (increase cycle time). Pro Tip: If your mold needs to be heated/cooled, make sure that your mold has water circuits that will change the cycle time and appearance of the part.

Injection mold manufacturing can also set cycle times according to the material you choose. As an example, aluminum has a faster heat transfer rate, which results in faster cycle times, but aluminum can also be easily damaged, especially with complex mold geometry or plastic material types running through it. Steel takes longer to process because it has a slower heat transfer rate but is more durable.


3. Surface finish

Knowing the surface finish required for a part can reduce a lot of unnecessary costs. We've seen the customer refer to a Class A complete (mirror polishing) part, but after further discussion, it has been found that the D-1 surface treatment is equally effective (matte) for using its parts. Choose to finish according to your needs, you can save some money. We suggest that you refer to the SPI completion diagram to compare with the industry standard for roughness and determine the part that is best for you.


In conclusion, the higher the gloss you need for a part, the higher the price of the tool. Because more labor time is required to brighten the parts, which greatly saves the time and upfront costs.

LC Rapid provides a wide range of CNC surface finish for injection molding. We can also offer additional completions based on the case - just add what you need to the quote request.

4. Post-molding operation

The more you operate after styling, the more you'll have to increase your price because of the extra labor involved.

Only processing slots, holes, tapping, etc. are considered, as these will increase their costs. Design these functions into part designs and mold them.

Well-designed cooling fixtures can increase costs, but you can eliminate the need for cooling fixtures based on the material and part design of your choice.

Packing levels of the parts will reduce extra costs - if your parts are not fragile, it doesn't require additional packaging. As an example, if you don't need an egg box, gaylord is enough to protect your delivery. The same applies to the special handling requirements of your delivery.

It is also significant to decide how many special tests and tests the parts will be performed. If you are manufacturing a lot of parts, do you need to check each part? Or is it only a dozen or one-hundredth? Do you require our parts to be tested before delivery, or can you test them after receiving them? Understanding what you can do will help you save the costs.

The best way to save part costs is to understand exactly what the part is for, which will help notify you what the part does and what you don't need. Whether it's the surface finish of the part, the material, or the post-molding operation, you can reduce the costs in your choice by finding break-even points.

LC Rapid is always available to help. Start using LC Rapid's injection molding service at our webpage and get a quote!

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