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With our all-round low-volume manufacturing services such as plastic injection molding and metal pressure die casting, LC Rapid is able to produce parts in low volume quantity (100,000 units or fewer) effectively and efficiently. Low volume manufacturing is an increasingly popular choice in many industries, allowing for an inexpensive expenditure in tooling while verify the design in markets quickly, meet the requirements of customization, and bridge the gap between initial prototypes and mass production. If you are looking for a supplier for your next cnc projects, please contact our LC Rapid professional team, we are the perfect low volume manufacturing company for all your needs from prototyping to large scale production.

Manufacturing Process

Description of High Mix Low Volume Production

Small volume manufacturing is commonly used in a wide range of industries when you need to produce the products 100, 000, 1,000 or even 100. Understand the fabrication volume and choose a suitable manufacturing process and rapid manufacturing technologies help you perfect your designs at an early stage, test the pilot market quickly, and limit the cost in tooling and setup.

Manufacturing Tolerance

Advantages of Small Volume Production

  • Bridge the gap between prototype and mass scale production.  

  • By delivering products effectively without the long lead time, you will bring your product to market quickly.

  • Reduce tooling cost without compromising on quality.

  • Decrease the cashflow stress. 

  • Address the need for faster design changes. 

Manufacturing Material

Different Low Volume Production Processes

CNC Machining

CNC refers to removing raw materials with a Computer Numerical Controlled machine. LC Rapid offers a broad spectrum of CNC precision machining such as CNC milling, CNC turning, wire EDM and etc. With our latest multi-axis CNC machining center, we produce high-quality metal and plastic one-off prototype and low-volume production parts. We also fabricate hard tools for Plastic Injection Molding and Metal Pressure Die Casting processes. CNC machining is the perfect choice for clients who require the parts with a high degree of accuracy, cosmetic surface finish, a great level of complexity. 

CNC Machining
Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die casting describes the process of creating parts by forcing molten metal into machined molds (also called dies or tools) The die casting is the most cost-effective process for produce large quantities of metals parts in aluminum, zinc, and magnesium with excellent surface finish and complex geometry. As one of the leading pressure die casting suppliers, LC Rapid is able to produce dimensional accurate, durable production parts through our die casting facilities. Our integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer mold tool making, die casting, machining, different surface post finishing options in rapid turnaround, taking your project from concept design to full production in an accelerated time frame. 

Pressure Die Casting
Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process to produce parts and prototypes by filling heated plastic into a mold chamber to create parts. LC Rapid is an expert in producing high-quality parts of precision plastic injection molding and mold tools in China. Our custom injection molding manufacturing abilities can ensure you receive all-round services ranging from rapid mold manufacturing, high or low volume injection molding, multi-cavity tooling, insert molding, over molding, and a variety of polishing and texturing. 

Injection Molding
Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming parts in different shapes from a metal sheet. Our custom metal fabrication services includes laser cutting/ turret punching, bending, rolling, stamping, CNC machining, welding and a wide range of surface finishing. LC Rapid custom sheet metal services offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution to meet individual needs, ranging from simple bent metal prototyping of enclosures, chassis, clips, bracket and other formed metal fabrication parts, to high volume production runs of complex assemblies. We embrace technology to make high quality sheet metal parts for a wide variety of industries, such as consumer goods, electronics, automotive, telecommunication, medical, electronics.  

Sheet Metal Fabrication
Aluminum Extrusion

Extrusion is a manufacturing method to transform Aluminum alloys into specified cross-section quickly and repeatedly. LC Rapid is able to produce low volume manufactured products in rapid turnarounds and competitive cost as it is easier and more cost-saving to manufacture the tooling of extrusion than the tooling of injection molding or pressure die casting. The aluminum extrusion services are mainly used in industries such as communication, electronics, military, aerospace, etc. We can provide extra value-added fabrication services, such as CNC machining, bending, laser engraving, punching, and wide arrays of surface finishing services.

Aluminum Extrusion

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What is unique about the LC Rapid’s low-volume production services?

We have the knowledge and the capabilities to meet our customers’ needs. Our teams combine innovative engineering, design expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous quality-control standards to deliver a superior quality product. The services include product design, custom tooling, plastic injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, aluminum extrusion, finishing and CNC machining. Also, we don’t set minimum order quantity or minimum order value. You can order any part from 1 up to 100,000+.

What materials can be selected for LC Rapid’s low-volume production service?

We work with all common metal materials that available on the market. From stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, and brass. We also stock a wide variety of commercial plastic resins. Plus, we accept customer-supplied material for manufacturing as long as it fits with our machine capabilities.

What are LC Rapid’s quality management system and processes to enhance customer satisfaction for rapid prototyping services?

There are several factors that help in offering great quality assurance in custom jobs. First, all incoming raw material for manufacturing will be inspected. Next, we perform a comprehensive in-process quality control processes to verify safety and functionality. At LC Rapid, we are proud of setting up a vitally important SOP of quality control process to consistently ensure all products created with high levels of precision. For customers who can’t visit our facilities in person, we are glad to take detailed pictures and video files showing all production steps.

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