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Material Choice Guide Metal

MaterialManufacturing ProcessAdvantages
AluminumCNC Machining
Sheet Metal
Die Casting
Corrosion resistance High strength-to-weight ratio
Temperature resistance
Aluminum 2011 T3CNC Machining
Aluminum 2024 T3CNC Machining
Aluminum 5052CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Aluminum 6061 T6CNC Machining
Aluminum 6061 T651CNC Machining
Aluminum 6063 T52CNC Machining
Aluminum 6082CNC Machining
Aluminum 7075 T6CNC Machining
Aluminum 7075 T651CNC Machining
Aluminum AlSi10MgDie Casting
Brass/BronzeCNC Machining
Sheet Metal
Chemical resistance Good Ductility High Strength
Brass H59CNC Machining
Brass H62CNC Machining
Brass 260CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Brass C360CNC Machining
Brass C385CNC Machining
Bearing Bronze C932CNC Machining
Phosphor Bronze C510CNC Machining
Phosphor Bronze  C544CNC Machining
CopperCNC Machining
Sheet Metal
Corrosion resistance Eletrical Conductivity
Copper C101CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Copper C110CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Beryllium Copper, C172CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
MagnesiumCNC MachiningDimensional stability
High strength-to-weight ratio
Light weight
Magnesium AZ31CNC Machining
Stainless SteelCNC Machining sheet metalCorrosion resistance High Strength
Stainless Steel 17-4 PHCNC Machining
Stainless Steel 201CNC Machining
Stainless Steel 301CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel 303CNC Machining
Stainless Steel 304CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel 316CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel 316LCNC Machining/Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel 410CNC Machining
Stainless Steel 416CNC Machining
Stainless Steel 420CNC Machining
Stainless Steel 430CNC Machining
Stainless Steel 440CCNC Machining
SteelCNC Machining
Sheet Metal
Durability High Strength
Low Carbon Steel 1018CNC Machining/Sheet Metal
AISI 1008CNC Machining
AISI 1045, Medium Carbon SteelCNC Machining
AISI 1020CNC Machining
AISI 4130CNC Machining
AISI 4140CNC Machining
TitaniumCNC MachiningCorrosion resistance High Strength Light weight
Titanium Grade 5 6A1-4VCNC Machining
ZincCNC MachiningCorrosion resistance Good Ductility
Zamak 3CNC Machining
Zamak 5CNC Machining
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