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Material Selection and Design Technology of Sheet Metal Fabrication of Chiller Housing

Date: Jul 08 2021 | By:LC Rapid
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1. Material selection for sheet metal processing of chiller housing

For the fixed-length board, try to choose the appropriate size. After the shearing from the steel mill is completed, there is no need to perform secondary shearing, which reduces the cutting cost. For coils, try to choose the coil specifications and processes for uncoiling forming to reduce the workload of secondary shearing and improve work efficiency.

The thickness of the sheet metal fabrication plate has deviation requirements, usually within the allowable range of deviation, the plate with the lower deviation should be selected first.


Determining the shape and size of the unfolded sheet of the chiller shell is the prerequisite for analyzing the degree of deformation of the stamping parts, designing the craftsmanship and drawing up the process regulations. If the shape of the sheet is appropriate, not only the uneven distribution of deformation along the sheet can be significantly improved, but also the forming limit can be increased, the height of the lugs can be reduced, and the margin for trimming can be reduced.

In addition, for some parts that are directly formed after sheet metal fabrication and blanking, if the accurate sheet metal shape and size can be given, the number of mold trial adjustments can be reduced, thereby shortening the production cycle and improving productivity.

When selecting materials for product design, avoid using high-grade materials to cause excess product performance. At the same time, under the premise of meeting product and process requirements, try to choose the materials and thicknesses of the existing mass-produced models to form a material platform for the follow-up, providing convenience for purchasing and inventory management.

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2. The overall design and unification of the sheet metal fabrication of the water chiller housing

A high-quality chiller housing requires the overall design and unification of sheet metal processing procedures and tools. For example, plug-and-play for the high-level mold series can not only ensure the functional simplicity of the production tools for the chiller shell, but also achieve a unified production effect.

The housing of the chiller looks simple, but the sheet metal processing and production process is also a very complicated situation. For example, in the process of fabrication, it is necessary to carry out the angular deviation required for the design, and at the same time, the overall control of the curvature should be carried out. At the same time, the correction work also reflects the accuracy of sheet metal fabrication.

In order to achieve a unified effect during the bending process of the chiller shell, the corresponding bending technology and bending machine can be used for unified management. In this way, it can be ensured that it has a better working condition and working effect.

3. Water chiller sheet metal fabrication technology

You should pay great attention to the details of sheet metal fabrication of the shell of the chiller. It seems a humble craftsmanship, but the shell material and performance are related to the entire product image.

The chiller shell is a shell in the sheet metal fabrication of the chassis and cabinet. There are two main materials, one is aluminum material, and the other is cold-rolled steel plate. The process is made by unfolding, cutting, grooving, stamping, filleting, forming, punching, bending, embedding flanging, flanging and so on. In the production process, we choose high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship to ensure the quality of the products.

Because the aluminum-type chiller shell is relatively light, it is suitable for stacking light equipment, and the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum materials are divided into imported and self-produced materials. The physical properties of electronic chassis cabinets manufactured due to different textures are different, especially in some larger electronic chassis cabinets.

The chiller housing made of cold-rolled steel plate has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and large load-bearing capacity. The thickness and quality of steel plate materials and sheet metal fabrication technology in similar products are directly related to the quality and performance of the product. Some cheap cabinets are made of ordinary thin iron plates. Although the price is cheap and the appearance is good, the performance is naturally greatly reduced. . Generally, high-quality cabinets are heavier.

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