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What are the Advantages of Automotive Injection Plastics Production Technology

Date: Dec 08 2022 | By:LC Rapid

China has a lot of complete and huge car production bases, and the corresponding automotive parts supply chain is also growing. More and more plants are interested in processing manufacturing of various types of auto parts, and with the maturity of production technology, the production process is no longer mysterious. Under the influence of fierce competition, the more energy of the automotive parts production plant has been transferred from the client to the management and control of the production process, and the quality needs to meet customer needs, "producing quality".

Ⅰ. The advantages of plastic injection molding automotive parts:

1. Plastics can be processed once, short processing time, accuracy is guaranteed; experimentation can be recovered with customer license, while waste recycling is also very high.

2. The plastic product itself is lighter, with good elastic deformation, absorbs a large number of collision energy, which is significantly better than other materials for strong impact, so that the vehicle and occupants will better protect the vehicle.

Many car front and rear bumpers use plastic material to alleviate the impact of the car body on the body. Plastics also have the effect of absorbing and attenuating vibration and noise, which can improve the comfort of ride.

3. The plastic corrosion resistance is strong, and the local damage will not corrode. Automotive air conditioning refrigeration system is hard to find non-plastic parts.

4. By adding different fillers, plasticizers and hardeners, elastomers, to adapt to the use and requirements of different components on the vehicle.

Ⅱ. The process of the automotive plastic injection moulding

Scientific injection molding is a new thing in the injection molding industry. For the manufacture of the production site, whether scientific injection can bring more revolutionary techniques to change. However, there is a great improvement of scientific injection to improve the extent of the production site, and anyone who uses scientific injection molding will profoundly understand this.

Compared to complex technical processes, "Science Injection" can be simply divided into six links:

1. rubbing test;

2. flow balance test;

3. viscosity test;

4. water flow test;

5. The best cooling time test;

6. Mold empty operation test.

We believe that the above six points can be simply summarized this newest technology. Of course, many companies have begun to adjust the product through the embedded induction equipment in the cavity.

We are here only a simple technical statement for thick-walled products in plastic injection molding automotive parts, and we use the production of fluid products in thick-walled products.

The cost of the light guiding product has always been very high, and the injection molding of thick-walled optical products of transparent plastic materials is not only technical challenges. In general, similar products in the automotive industry are highly accurate from 10-30 mm, not yield size, and the production cycle is quite long, and the cooling time after the mold is still taken for 5-20 minutes or even longer, efficiency. low. At the same time, it is troublesome that the overall product will tend to have a large wall thickness. Thick injection molding area, the solidification speed will be significantly slower than thin, premature solidification will affect the pressure transfer of the melt, thereby affecting the accuracy of automotive plastic injection moulding.

In addition to the production cycle time and molding accuracy, these can be visually seen by the curve interface of the injection molding machine, but the adhesion strength of the finished element is also critical. The bond strength of different transparent plastics in multi-stage injection is also great, even with the same plastic, in the case of higher temperature, the pressure is generated, thereby producing the cooling preform presents a greater shrinkage. Therefore, the selection of wall thickness distribution is extremely important.

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