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Application of Injection Molding Technology in the Automotive Field

Date: Apr 08 2021 | By:LC Rapid
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The unique precision, environmental protection, resource saving, energy saving, consumption reduction, and low-cost green performance of injection molding technology make it become the first choice for green plastic innovation solutions for automotive structural parts molding and processing technology and the basic technology for injection molding technology innovation. General-purpose equipment and general-purpose technology have been extended and developed into special-purpose equipment and special-purpose technology for automobile structural parts molding.


1. Innovative technology concept of liquid metal injection molding

Liquid metal is also known as amorphous alloy, and its melting point is low. It is that when the metal is super-rapidly condensed and solidified, the atoms are too late to be ordered and crystallized, but the condensed state of the disordered arrangement of the liquid atoms is retained at room temperature or low temperature. This amorphous atomic structure gives the liquid metal many unique properties, such as excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, high hardness, etc. In terms of design, liquid metal alloys can provide greater freedom than before. Based on green plastic innovations such as the diversity of auto parts and the precision life cycle, liquid metal has a broad application space in the automotive field.

Liquid metal injection molding technology is an innovative expansion of injection molding technology. Parts injection molded from the model can often surpass the high-precision CNC machining technology, and can achieve a surface finish close to optical and achieve high precision. This is the most important quality characteristic of the liquid metal injection molding process.

2. The advantages of liquid metal injection molding

Compared with metal injection molding (MIM) and CNC machining, automotive injection molding of liquid metal set the stage for the realization of manufacturing concepts such as "higher efficiency and a higher degree of integration of automation and process".

Liquid metal is processed by injection molding, requiring only a short cycle time. The production cycle time is between 2-3 minutes, which is significantly shorter than the time required for CNC machining. At the same time, the gate material can be recycled and there is no waste accumulation.

3. Liquid metal injection molding technology has brought new opportunities for the green development of automobiles

Automotive engine timing systems, fuel injectors, interior and exterior parts, safety components, pumps, sensors, and heavy-duty connectors and other parts under 400 grams can all be injection molded from liquid metal, which not only can obtain parts with excellent performance, but also obtain good economic benefits, which is indeed a good choice for the manufacture of auto parts. Utilizing the high hardness and high wear resistance of liquid metal, the manufacture of wear-resistant parts such as hydraulic cylinders, piston rings, and fuel injectors in automobile engines can greatly increase the service life of automobiles.

4. The processing technology of liquid metal injection molding

The injection molding process of liquid metal should not only be seen as a replacement process, but as a molding process that can achieve unique properties through flexible design.

Liquid metal is processed by injection molding to achieve one-step manufacturing of highly complex metal parts, and its accuracy and surface quality are far superior to ordinary casting. Even complex three-dimensional shapes and very fine structures can be molded with excellent reproducibility and efficient material utilization, which has revolutionized the manufacturing of high-quality metal parts.

The technical barriers of liquid metal are very high, especially the problem of "bulk molding" has become a bottleneck restricting its large-scale application. Interior and exterior parts and auto parts mould of 400 grams or more belong to bulk injection molding, which means that if you want to promote liquid metal on a large scale, you must master the core technology of bulk molding. Secondly, there are currently very few manufacturers involved in liquid metal, and it is difficult to rapidly expand production capacity.

In addition, with the development of the automotive industry in recent years, large-scale two-color injection molding and multi-color injection molding equipment and technologies have become auto manufacturers' solutions to enhance the competitiveness of trim parts and establish differentiated green plastic innovations.

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