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Quality Control

Quality Control

When it comes to selecting a manufacturer in this competitive market place, superior quality is the one of the most important factors. Our clients choose LC Rapid because we regard their specifications and requirements as an absolute priority in everything we do. We continue to improve our quality management system starting from sales person and customer service, and then extends to advanced high precision inspection measuring and test equipment, team work, until shipment to ensure customers’ satisfaction. At LC Rapid, we are proud of setting up a vitally important SOP of quality control process to to consistently ensure all products created for customers are exceed clients’ expectations. 

Comprehensive Design for Manufacturing review provided for every RFQs. It will save you a lot of time and money if you make the critical design changes needed in the initial stage. 

Double check upon every PO.

All employees are trained with our written Quality Control procedures and policies. All data that is relevant with manufacturing will be recorded for future reference, including orders, emails communications. 

IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

All incoming raw material for manufacturing will be inspected and recorded in details.

IPQCS (In Process Quality Control Section)

We perform first article and in process inspections during the manufacturing process to deliver perfect parts and speed up your products come out to the market. 

FQC (Final Quality Control)

All finished parts are inspected according to the quality standard no matter how large or small the project is. Final quality inspection report will be provided. 

OQC (Out-going Quality Control)

Our QC team will randomly check the finished parts in fully equipped inspection department before delivery to prevent the defect goods from shipping out.

Non-Conforming Product

 If there is a non-conformity is found, please notify us without hesitation. We will analysis the root cause and have parts reworked or repaired timely. We will also have the corrective actions to prevent recurrence of non-conforming parts. 

Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM
Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM
Digital Depth Gauge
Digital Depth Gauge
Digital Outside Micrometer
Digital Outside Micrometer
Glimpse of Inspection Department
Glimpse of Inspection Department
Glimpse of Inspection Department
Glimpse of Inspection Department
Height Gauge
Height Gauge

How we ensure the quality of your parts?

It is our goal to deliver quality products, on time, at competitive prices. We will work with our customers to develop a clear understanding of their needs and requirements. We will support our clients' goals and success by continuously improving our operations and quality program to deliver a defect-free product.


- 100% inspection of close tolerance dimensions or flow requirements as well as "fit-form" features such as threads, slip fits, press fits etc.

- First article inspection, in process sampling and final inspection data available upon request.


- We take pride in our shipping procedures and packaging that far exceed your requirements. We make sure that you receive your parts clean, deburred, undamaged and clearly identified.

What if part quality does not meet my specifications?

All our parts are manufactured in accordance with our your design and requirements. Also we did a comprehensive final inspection before shipping your parts, they were within specification. In the unlikely event a non-conformity is found, please notify us within 7 days of receipt of goods so that we can provide you with a solution. We will replace or rework for free if it is our responsibility. 

What tolerances can you achieve?

General tolerances for CNC machining is ISO 2768-1 F for machined metal, ISO 2768-1 M for machined plastic. Please specify your expected tolerance if it is tighter than the ISO standard ones. 

How can you protect goods from damages during the transport?

The small pieces of parts will be carefully wrapped by polyethylene foam or bubble warp and placed in corrugated cartons to offer rigidity and impact protection. The heavy and bulky parts will be protected in wooden crates.

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