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The Artistic Of Surface Glossy Treatment For The Part And Product Design

Date: Feb 19 2020 | By:LC Rapid
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The appearance, feel and function of the parts are much dependent on the key to surface finish and the design of great parts and products. Understanding how to choose the best finish is a question, asking the appropriate question, who will use it, what purpose, and what environment. Here’re many questions to ask yourself to ensure you select the appropriate finishing services from the beginning.


What is your product for?

Imagine a portable Bluetooth stereo speaker enclosure for a party or beach. The external rubber paint treatment absorbs vibrations to improve sound quality. The rubber surface provides a firm grip on the tabletop or cooler so it does not slip. It may take a degree of protection against spillage and elements, all ideal features in the music player means outdoor use.

The parts used in different environments are affected by UV rays, heat, moisture, vibration, etc. It's time to think about why the surface is aging, exposed, and worn over time, and how to choose a surface that can protect it.


For whom is the product used?

Toys designed for children may profit from strong primary colors. Bright, shiny, and high glossy surfaces attract kids to play with them, they are tending to hide and clean scratches good. Also, in this way, any surface treatment needs to be non-toxic and durable.

The products and parts used by construction workers will focus less on aesthetics and more on corrosion protection and extreme durability. Tools and equipment usually have a non-glare surface and may have a rough surface for better grip. The customer has a different relationship with each product, which in turn affects the appearance and feel make sure the best user experience.

What emotional reactions do you want to stimulate?

In addition to practical considerations, the appearance and feel of a part create an atmosphere. Some metal finishes, such as silver or gilded, imply refinement and elegance. Even with a rough galvanized tin, a nice watch can still hold the perfect time, but it doesn't feel the same.


Entertainment or entertainment objects tend to come in bright colors and are right for social occasions daytime, activities and outdoor use. Darker, softer matte finishes are refined, we suggest you that use them in privacy, at night, and indoor activities.

Therefore, if the success of the product depends in part on the user's perception of the product and its performance, then nail surface finish is essential to create this feeling, even before the product is put into service.

How long the product last?

Maximum durability often comes at a cost, whether it's the quality of the raw material or the type of surface treatment. In general, painted surfaces are most prone to scratches and fades, followed by passivation, such as anodization, powder coating, and then electroplating.

Are the parts and products a one-time, or will it last a lifetime? Electing a durable surface finish will increase its value to the finished parts and the products, but they will be one of the manufacturing cost drivers. Higher-quality surface treatment requires more careful surface treatment, more complex manufacturing processes, and higher quality materials, all of which drive up costs. Therefore, product designers should think about these factors in advance.

Once you ask yourself some questions, there're other things you should understand how the surface finish will affect your parts and products.


What material would you want to match with the type of completion?

When selecting a material, you should conduct a study to ensure that the surface finish matches the raw material substrate. Lots of substrates are difficult to polish, such as titanium, therefore, they will be a poor candidate for the final appearance of gloss. Other materials cannot be anode edited. Paints do not adhere well to some plastics, and powder coatings require substrates to resist heat from drying ovens. Most external surface coatings do not work well with any elastic or elastic underlying materials because they are easy to crack.

This is another significant reason to consider the surface finish at the beginning of the project. If the finished surface treatment does not match the material made of the part, it is not possible to determine at the last minute that the finished part should be surfaced.

Does the surface finish selected change the size of the part?

Surface finishes can change part size, so research is key. Thick treatment methods such as powder coating can increase the surface thickness of the coating position. However, these coatings cannot penetrate deep into the cavity or can clog the threaded holes, which must then be processed again to their original specifications.

The coating will affect the clearance and mating surfaces of the parts and products that it must be mated together. Other treatments, such as anode oxidation, will use an acid bath to prepare the substrate, it will erode a certain degree of exposure material and slightly change these dimensions in a non-uniform manner that is difficult to control and predict.

Calculating all these factors at the starting of the project is the best way to make sure ultimate success.


Which surface finish is the best way for the parts and projects?

Thinking how to use the parts and products will help you reduce the best surface finish for the project. Knowing your key ideal who are the users, how they use the parts and products, and what environment they want to use.

The materials and processes you use of course affect the effectiveness of the surface finish you elect. Our engineers are good at surface finish, we also can provide advice when you manufacturing the parts. When you are ready to start the project, please upload your CAD file to our online form and our team will provide a quote for you.

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