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The Processing Characteristics and Application Range of CNC Milling

Date: Nov 20 2020 | By:LC Rapid
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CNC lathe service has been widely used in the field of machining since its emergence. Today we will share with you the processing characteristics and application range of CNC milling.

I. The processing characteristics of CNC milling


i. Flexible and versatile: CNC milling machine and machining center are suitable for processing multiple types of workpieces with different structures and shapes, and can complete drilling, boring, reaming, milling plane, milling bevel, milling groove, milling surface (CAM), tapping and other processing.


ii. High machining accuracy: CNC milling machine and machining center have high machining accuracy and can ensure the workpiece accuracy under normal circumstances. In addition, the CNC precision milling also avoids the operator's operation error. So the size consistency of the same batch of processed parts will be high, which greatly improves the product quality.

iii. High production efficiency: CNC milling machine and machining center have the functions of milling, boring and drilling machine, which makes the process highly concentrated, greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the clamping error of workpiece. The spindle speed of CNC milling machine can realize stepless speed change, which is helpful to select the best cutting parameters. With the functions of fast forward, fast backward and fast positioning, CNC milling machine can greatly help to reduce the maneuvering time.


iv. Complex machining shape: CNC milling machine can not only mill the surface of various parts that can be milled by ordinary milling machine, but also can mill the plane curve contour and space surface contour which can not be milled by the ordinary milling machine, because CNC machine tool has the characteristics of multiple feed coordinate axis linkage.


v. Reduce the labor intensity of operators: The machining of the parts by CNC milling machine is done automatically according to a pre-programmed machining procedure. In addition to operating the keyboard, loading and unloading tools and workpiece, intermediate measurement and observation of machine operation, the operator does not need to carry out heavy repetitive manual operations, which greatly reduces the intensity of labor.



II. The application range of CNC milling


i. CNC milling machine is suitable for machining complex structures such as curves contours or surfaces: The plane curve contour of the workpiece means that the inner and outer contours of the workpiece are complex curves, and the machined surface is parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane. CNC milling can be processed only by two-coordinate linkage of three coordinate NC milling machine.


ii. Workpiece structure with high processing difficulty on an ordinary milling machine: For parts with various sizes, difficult to mark and detect, and difficult to observe and control, it is appropriate to choose CNC milling machine processing.

iii. When processing on a common milling machine, it is difficult to ensure the workpiece dimension accuracy, shape and position accuracy and surface roughness and other requirements, it is appropriate to choose CNC precision milling.

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