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How is the Custom-made Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication of the Coffee Machine Performed?

Date: Jun 24 2021 | By:LC Rapid
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Because the stainless steel sheet metal fabrication chassis of the coffee machine has very convenient tools, many people use it. At the same time, the processing of stainless steel sheet metal chassis is also more commonly used, but it is estimated that many people do not know how its process is. Next, LC Rapid will introduce the relevant content to you, and help you understand the stainless steel sheet metal fabrication of the coffee machine.


Ⅰ. How to process the sheet metal of the coffee machine chassis?

If you want to customize the sheet metal chassis, you must first choose the appropriate stainless steel plate for use, then its quality must meet the standard, and it is also in line with the entire project operation.

For the sheet metal processing of the coffee machine chassis, in fact, the processing of the chassis cabinet needs to go through three processes, which are: cutting, punching, and bending.

Among them, we have to cut the material. It is because it needs to be cut to fit the range and length of use, so that the operation will be more convenient and more efficient

The second thing is to blank the material, which is to cut the panel used for the sheet metal fabrication of the coffee machine chassis, and cut it to the required size through a certain ratio, and bending is also adopted with this rule. These three processes can be considered as the editing function.

As long as we understand these three processes, we actually have a detailed understanding of the sheet metal processing of the coffee machine's chassis. After knowing these methods, we can distinguish the methods to find the suitable ones.

Ⅱ. The process of coffee machine stainless steel sheet metal fabrication

I believe that everyone may know something about the stainless steel sheet metal of the coffee machine, while this understanding may be just related to its existence and function, but you may not know the whole process of stainless steel sheet metal fabrication. If you want to use stainless steel sheet metal well, you have to understand it thoroughly. The process of using stainless steel sheet metal consists of generally these steps:

1. First of all, we will design and draw some parts drawings of the sheet metal processing parts of the coffee machine, and this part drawing is also called three views. Its main function is to well show the entire structure of the sheet metal parts through the drawings.

2. Then we will draw a developed view. This process is to expand some more complex parts into a flat piece.

3. Blanking. This step is relatively important, and at the same time, there are many ways. We can use the correct blanking method according to the specific situation, so as to achieve a high efficiency, which will be more convenient and trouble-free.

4. Then we have to process flanging and tapping, and flanging has another name, which is hole extraction, which is to draw a relatively large hole from a relatively small and basic hole. The reason for this is  to increase its strength, so as to achieve the effect of avoiding screw loose.

5. Punch processing. Generally, there are some processing methods such as punching and cutting corners, punching and blanking, and these methods appear to achieve the purpose. At the same time, when processing, it is necessary to use a relative mold to assist in completion to achieve the processing effect.

6. Finally, it is also a very critical step, that is, to assemble it. The purpose of assembly is to combine multiple parts into a complete product as required.

The above is an introduction to the process of stainless steel sheet metal fabrication for coffee machines. I hope that these sheet metal processing related content can be helpful to you. If you have any questions or want to get further information, please consult us at any time.

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