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Injection Molded Plastic

Acrylonitrile butadiene styreneABSCosmetic surface, high impact strength
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene + PolycarbonateABS+PCUV stable, excellent impact performance
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene + Polycarbonate + Glass FillABS+PC+GFTough, rigid, dimensional stability
Acrylate styrene acrylateASAVery good UV resistance, rigid
Nylon 6-6 PolyamidePA66good stiffness, hardwearing
Nylon 6-6 + Glass FillPA66+GFGlass fibre reinforced, durable
PolycaprolactamPA6Good resistance to abrasion and chemical situation
Polycaprolactam + Glass FillPA6+GFExcellent impact strength, stiffness and temperature resistance
Polybutylene terephthalatePBTDimensional stable, tough
Polybutylene terephthalate + Glass FillPBT+GFoutstanding processability, good chemical and impact resistance
PolycarbonatePCgood thermal performance, dimensional stability
Polycarbonate + Glass FillPC+GFHigh stiffness, good flammability performance
Polyether ether ketonePEEKChemical resistance, High performance thermoplastic
PolyetherimidePEIhigh heat and impact resistance, broad chemical resistance
Polyethylene terephthalatePETChemical and temperature resistance, excellent tough
PolyethylenePEChemical resistance, food grade available, moisture resistance
Polyethylene-Low DensityLDPECold resistance, wide range of flexibility
Polyethylene-High DensityHDPEHigh rigidity, high impact resistance, high stability
Polymethyl methacrylatePMMA (Acrylic)Excellent optical clarity, good weather resistance, impact resistance
PolyoxymethylenePOM (Acetal/DelrThermal stability, good mechanical properties, high gloss
Polyoxymethylene+ Glass FillPOM + GFDimensional stable, good wear resistance, rigid
PolypropylenePPGood impact strength, food grade available
Polypropylene + Glass FillPP + GFSolvent resistance, good chemical resistance
Polyphenylene sulfidePPSGood chemical resistance in high temperature
Polyphenylene sulfide + Glass FillPPS + GFExcellent dimensional stability, flame retardant
PolyphenylsulfonePPSUChemical resistance, flame retardant
PolystyrenePSImpact resistance, good dimensional stability
Polystyrene - High ImpactHIPSTransparent, high gloss, rigid and tough
PolysulfonePSUExcellent high thermal stability, good toughness, corrosion resistance
PolyvinylchloridePVCWide range of flexibility, non-flammable, good insulation properties
Polyvinylidene fluoridePVDFHeat and chemical resistant, excellent processability
Styrene acrylonitrileSANHeat Resistance, transparency, dimensional stability
Thermoplastic elastomersTPEChemical resistance, easily processed
Thermoplastic polyurethaneTPUAbrasion and wear resistance, low temperature flexibility
If you need any other material that not in above list, please contact us at sales@lcrapid.com directly

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