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What Are the Advantages of Sheet Metal Fabrication for Mobile Phone Shield?

Date: Jan 28 2021 | By:LC Rapid
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Ⅰ. The role of mobile phone shield

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. The mobile phone has become an indispensable tool in everyone's life. For this daily-used smart communication tool, we often care about its radiation problem, so the mobile phone shield has played a big role.

The mobile phone shield is an important component that we don't know, but it does exist in our mobile phones. It can effectively isolate the external electromagnetic radiation. The mobile phone shield can isolate the various parts in the mobile phone so that they can work independently without mutual interference. Usually, some cables and components are shielded.

The mobile phone shielding cover can not only prevent its own long-time radiation from interfering with the outside, but also can prevent external radiation from interfering with the normal operation of the internal parts of the mobile phone. Therefore, the role of the mobile phone shielding case in the mobile phone cannot be ignored. Using of mobile phone will also be more secure with it.

Ⅱ. The advantages of sheet metal fabrication plates

The plates processed by sheet metal are all thin plates, which are steel plates whose plate thickness is much smaller than its length and width. Therefore, its lateral bending resistance is poor and it is not suitable for occasions subjected to lateral bending loads. Sheet metal fabrication plate is metal in terms of its material, but because of its special geometric shape and small thickness, the processing technology of sheet metal structure has its particularity.

Sheet metal structural components are widely used because sheet metal plates have the following advantages:

(1) It is easy to deform, so that simple processing techniques can be used to manufacture various forms of components.

(2) The sheet metal structure is light in weight.

(3) The processing volume is small. Due to the high surface quality of the sheet metal plate and the small dimensional tolerance in the thickness direction, the surface does not need to be processed.

(4) It is easy to cut and weld, and can manufacture large and complex components.

(5) The shape is standardized, which is convenient for automatic processing.


Ⅲ. The selection of sheet metal processing materials

Sheet metal parts have been used in many industries, and the demand for sheet metal parts is also high. Therefore, the following article introduces several sheet metal fabrication materials commonly used in sheet metal fabrication plants.

Common sheet metal fabrication materials:

1. Galvanized sheet: The galvanized layer on the surface of the steel sheet has good corrosion resistance and requires relatively high cost.

2. Stainless steel plate: mainly used for metal plates without surface treatment, which has a higher cost.

3. Aluminum plate: good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, ductility and high cost.

4. Hot and cold rolled plates: the cost of electroplating and baking varnish parts is relatively low, but cold rolled plates are easy to form, while hot rolled plates are difficult to form, so hot rolled plates are mainly self-forming plate parts.

5. Brass plate: high strength; hot and cold processing; easy to corrode and crack. The price is relatively cheap and widely used.

Ⅳ. The advantages of mobile phone shields after sheet metal fabrication

The sheet metal fabrication factory has passed the sheet metal fabrication of the mobile phone shielding case. The sheet metal processing plant improves the use of the mobile phone shielding cover and the stability of friction resistance by processing the mobile phone shielding cover in an acidic solution. Then in the auxiliary accessory steel technology, the density and durability of the mobile phone shield can be improved through the adjustment of different chemical solutions. For example, the mobile phone shielding cover in the Apple mobile phone uses the technology of sheet metal fabrication to improve the quality of the product.

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