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CNC Machining

At LC Rapid, our precise, quick-turn, custom CNC machining services in China make parts from various certified metal and plastic materials. Our CNC services include milling, turning, wire EDM, and much more.

With advanced CNC machining centers and experienced employees, we offer the same high-quality parts and satisfactory services to large and small companies alike, from Fortune 500s to innovative start-ups.

Introduction of CNC Machining Services 

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) is an automated manufacturing process to remove materials from a simple plastic or metal block with a serial of cutting tools to make the custom CNC machined parts. Advanced software is used to control the high precision machining according to the required specification of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) model provided by the customer. The support from LC team of engineers will program the CNC machining center to create the final products with a high level of part complexity, and provide exceptional surface finishes. As a professional CNC machining solutions inc, we are continuously offering a cost-effective CNC custom machining whether you need prototypes, production orders or mold tools that are used for plastic injection molding or pressure die casting services.

Advantages of Precision CNC Machining

Fast Turnaround Fast Turnaround

Using the highly advanced CNC machines, LC Rapid can manufacture precise parts in 1 day.

Precision Precision

High dimensional tolerances and precision can be assured by applying CNC machining.

Different Finishing Options Different Finishing Options

CNC machining offers great surface finishing, we also offer a full range of finishes on metal and plastic parts, from sand blasting, anodizing to plating, brushing, polishing to painting.

High Scalability High Scalability

CNC Machining is suitable from one single part to production runs 100,000 parts thanks to robust, round-the-clock machines.

Material Selection Material Selection

There are a wide range of certified rapid prototyping and production materials can be selected, from commonly used aluminum, stainless steel and plastics to more exotic materials like titanium, carbon fiber .

Cost Effectiveness Cost Effectiveness

Low investment in tooling and quick removal of raw materials guarantee CNC machining a cost effective way for both prototyping and high production volumes.

CNC Machining Process

Multi-Axis CNC Milling Centers                 

  • 3-axis CNC machining center

  • 4-axis CNC machining center

  • 5-axis CNC machining center

CNC Turning 

CNC Machining Plastic Process

CNC Machining Tolerances

With high precision and stable quality, we are able to ensure a great dimension accuracy for prototypes and production parts. CNC engineering is an automated process which can eliminate human errors and assure the consistency of batch quantity. We will make parts base on client's specification. If you don't specify your tolerance requirement, our general tolerances standard is DIN-2768-1-fine for metals and DIN-2768-1-medium for plastics. 

CNC Machining Plastic Tolerance

CNC Machining Materials

CNC precision machining involves a variety of engineering-grade plastic and metal materials including ABS, Nylon, PMMA, and Peek to aluminum, steel, magnesium and brass. We can make parts for CNC prototyping parts and low-volume production without being limited by material types. Please do contact us if you need a specific material that does not show in the list, we are glad to source the customized raw material upon your request.

CNC Machining Plastic Material

CNC Machining Finishes

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If you haven't found the finish you need shown above, please click here to see more surface finishing we are offering . You can also send emails to us and we'll look into the specific finishing process you expect. 


This finishing option means the quickest turnaround. Sanding process can remove the visible cutting tool marks, sharp edges, and burring.


This is a process where abrasive material is sprayed onto a parts with the aid of compressed air. Blasting is used to remove surface imperfections and achieve a smooth, matte appearance.


We offer the Anodizing color or clear (type II) and Anodizing hard coat (type III).

Type II anodizing improves corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and increases surface hardness. It can also allows us to get different colors on parts, including black, gold, red, blue, and clear. The most commonly-used material is aluminum.

Type III anodizing creates a thicker layer, making it a suitable option for applications that require excellent durability and hardness.


This is a process to improve parts strength, wear resistance, lubricity and aesthetic effect. A wide variety of metals are available to be applied onto the part surface -nickle, copper, chrome, silver, gold, and etc.

CNC Machining Solutions
CNC machining plays a significant role in a wide variety of industries such as automotive, industrial, energy, consumer goods, and medical. Also, the high quality tools used in injection molding are processed by CNC machining to ensure the high efficiency, high degree of precision and stable quality.

Advanced multi-axis CNC machining plays an important role in medical industry. CNC machining is uniquely suited to meet the needs of the medical industry with its advantages such as improved lead times, great accuracy, flexibility.


We offer CNC machining to make enclosures or accessories for electronic products from a varieties of metals and plastics. CNC machining empowers electronic devices with it's high precision, quick rapid turnaround, durable quality.  


CNC machining is essential in the automotive industry. Most automotive parts are basically proceed by CNC machining due to it's high degree of automation, high efficiency, great accuracy.

Common Applications of CNC Machining

End-Use Production

CNC is the most preferred manufacturing method for end-use products because of it’s unmatched dimensional accuracy, high-quality surface, and maximum efficiency.

Rapid Prototyping

With the wide range of optional materials, high production efficiency, and competitive cost, CNC machining is vital for prototyping process. 

Rapid Tooling

We use CNC precision machining to make hard toolings (cores and cavities) because CNC can process a variety of materials.

Featured CNC Machining Resources

What type of secondary surface finishing does LC Rapid provide on CNC machined parts?

LC rapid offers a wide variety of secondary surface finishing service to meet your expected look on your ordered parts, including anodizing, painting, electroplating, brushing , and many more. You can learn more details by looking at our surface finishing capabilities.

What are LC Rapid materials for CNC machining?

We have a variety of engineering-grade plastic and metal materials like ABS, nylon, PC, PMMA, and PP to stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and steel. We also accept customer-supplied material for CNC machining.

What tolerances can you achieve for CNC machining?

General tolerances for CNC machining is ISO 2768-1 F for machined metal, ISO 2768-1 M for machined plastic. Please specify your expected tolerance if it is tighter than the ISO standard ones.

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