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Two Types of Pressure Die Casting and Their Advantages

Date: Dec 11 2020 | By:LC Rapid

Pressure die casting is a metal casting process, which is characterized by applying high pressure to the molten metal using the cavity of the mold. Molds are usually made of higher-strength alloys. This pressure casting process is somewhat similar to injection molding. Our pressure die casting china is mainly divided into two types: high pressure die casting and low pressure die casting.

types of pressure die casting

1. High Pressure Die Casting

The essence of high pressure die casting is to fill the cavity of a die-casting mold (die-casting mold) with liquid or semi-liquid metal at a higher speed under high pressure, and form and solidify under pressure to obtain castings. Its commonly used injection pressure is from several thousand to several ten thousand kPa, even as high as 2×105kPa. The filling speed is about 10~50m/s, and sometimes even more than 100m/s. The filling time is very short, generally in the range of 0.01 to 0.2s.

2. Advantages of High Pressure Die Casting

1) Good product quality;

2) Its productivity is high, and the die-casting mold can be used for many times;

3) Good economic benefits;

High pressure die casting products are very common in the automotive industry. For example, bearing retainers, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and oil pump bodies in BMW cars can all be manufactured by high pressure die casting.

3. Low Pressure Die Casting

Low pressure die casting is a casting method in which liquid metal completes the filling and solidification process under pressure to obtain castings. Its acting pressure is relatively low (generally 20~60kPa).

4. Advantages of Low Pressure Die Casting

1) The filling speed can be accurately controlled, and the filling of liquid metal is relatively stable;

2) High metal utilization rate and low material cost;

3) Low labor intensity and good working conditions. The equipment is simple, it is easy to realize mechanization and automation, and is not affected by the proficiency of the operator;

4) Bottom injection type filling is used to improve the qualification rate of castings;

5) There are few internal defects; less gas and debris are involved; and the castings are dense.

Low pressure die casting is suitable for manufacturing products with medium wall thickness and high-performance requirements, such as chassis safety parts for Ford cars.

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