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How to Select the Processing Center

Date: Oct 20 2020 | By:LC Rapid
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Among the many parameters of machine tools, one data is particularly interesting, and that is the number of axes. In particular, some new machine tools released, enterprises will always emphasize the number of axes, in order to highlight the good performance of machine tools. Recently small make-up in the exchange with some netizens also found that many people like to "axis high and low", especially some non-industry netizens, always feel multi-axis is really powerful. So the more axes a machine tool has, the better? Five-axis machine tool in the selection of which parameters to see? And I'm going to talk to you today about that.


Part1: On the number of machine tool axes

Here said the machine tool axis, refers to the machine tool freedom, several axis represents several degrees of freedom. For example, the usual three-axis refers to the worktable's plane movement plus the cutter's up and down movement, four-axis refers to in addition to the Front three-axis plus the workpiece's rotation or the worktable's rotation, and so on. Theoretically, the more the number of axes, the higher the machining freedom of the machine tool, the more functional the machine tool, but this does not mean that the more axes, the better, for the following reasons.


1. In addition to the number of axis, but also to see linkage

When it comes to several axis machine tools, followed by a few linkages. As mentioned above, the axis of the machine tool refers to the freedom of machining, and the linkage of the machine tool means that the servo axis (excluding the spindle) can be interpolated at the same time. For example, five axis five linkages are five movement axis in the processing of the workpiece can coordinate movement. If one or two of the five axes can not move at the same time as the other axes, the machine tool is called “five-axis-four-linkage” or “five-axis-three-linkage". Theoretically, the number of axes can reach more than ten, dozens or even hundreds, but the linkage can not reach so high, which is why the five-axis five-linkage machine tool is regarded as an important national equipment resource. So whenever there are multi-axis machine tools out, there is always someone to emphasize linkage, because linkage can show the three-dimensional performance of machine tools.

2. In addition to degrees of freedom, accuracy and rigidity are also important

Machine tool is the machine that makes machines, its kind is much, the range is wide, in the construction of national economy modernization is having great effect. For Different precision machining, the requirements for the type and performance of machine tools are also different, so although multi-axis can bring higher machining freedom and functionality, but many times, the workpiece to be processed is not so complicated, on the contrary, the accuracy and rigidity of machine tools are required to be higher. At present, the multi-axis machine tool in the complex workpiece processing and efficiency advantage is obvious, not an absolute advantage in accuracy, but because of the complex body design, make machine tool rigidity slightly weak. In short, suitable for processing is the best, in the face of different workpieces to be processed, the machine axis is not the more the better.

Part2: Selection of five-axis linkage machine tool

Although not all processing needs to use the five-axis linkage machine tool, the five-axis linkage machine tool does represent the high-end level of the machine tool, it is an effective means to solve the complex processing of Impeller, blade, marine propeller, heavy-duty generator rotor and so on. With the development of the manufacturing industry, the processing requirements of machine tools are higher and higher, and the consumption market of five-axis machine tools is expanding. So in the selection of five-axis machine tools, which parameters can refer to it? The following small series on a brief introduction.

Restricted by the variety of processed parts and the factors of speed, precision and rigidity of machine tool, five-axis linkage machine tool is a kind of special machine tool. Therefore, the design and selection of a five-axis machine tool should start from the parts and typical machining path, that is, considering the relative movement track characteristics of the tool and the parts, the accuracy/velocity/space of the tool, the classification of the movement axis of the five-axis linkage machine tool and the accuracy test, etc.

In addition, in the design and prototyping of high-speed five-axis machine tools, but also to comply with the following basic principles.

1. Does the Structure Movement of the machine match the movement trace of the cutter relative to the surface of the part?

2. Does the "compound motion precision" of the machine tool meet the requirement of the precision and speed of the tool path?

3. Does the size of the machine meet the space required for the tool path? If these are no problem, then the basic five-axis machine tool is selected to meet the processing needs.

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